SL-deck prototype

About the development area


The building sector is responsible for application of large resources, consume of energy and production of CO2, and it is expanding because large population groups these years want more space, better infrastructure, more interesting architecture, better fire safety, improved in-door climate and better acoustics.

The development area “Sustainable Light Concrete Structures” gives solutions to these problems. Solutions, which are not only theoretical within a narrow fields of technology, but represent a cross-disciplinary rethinking of building structures in a context of application where the relevant functional requirements are considered simultaneously.

In addition, the area gives solutions to problems, which so far have hindered application of a number of promising new technologies such as high-strength concrete and carbon fibre reinforcement, technologies expanding the potential of the solutions even more.

The development area comprises people from most disciplines involved in building research and from companies of the building sector, and the results are communicated not only through teaching, but by innovation and implementation of actual solutions offering new products for practical application in the building industry.